Earth Day – completely underrated

Why do we only know that its Earth Day when its Earth Day?!? This is the day where we need to pause and realize exactly what we take without being appreciative or giving back. This is when we should be inspired to make a change. Two days ago Table Mountain suffered a great loss dueContinue reading “Earth Day – completely underrated”

Germany – It might not be home, but it sure is a great adventure!

“We laugh loudly, we tell stories, we make jokes, we are occasionally late (and its OK), we greet strangers, eat colourful – well seasoned food, we drink intense wine and we dance with soul” twee Swanepoele South Africans differ from Germans in multiple, glorious and fascinating ways…this is the general perception considering German precision, GermanContinue reading “Germany – It might not be home, but it sure is a great adventure!”

Not your average fruitcake

My first encounter with Stollen was on Christmas Day 2019. It didn’t really impress me at first…it looked rather dry and the color, somewhere between white and brown which I found rather bleak for something to be displayed on a Christmas table. Thank Stollen-goodness for the colorful candied fruit pieces which decorated the seemingly dry,Continue reading “Not your average fruitcake”